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About Us

My name is Joseph Kraham and I am an engineering artist that combines Lego pieces, acrylic lacquer paint, and technology to create amazing works of art.  My story of creating artwork started after a beloved Great Dane passed away in 2014. 


Heartbroken, I created my first artwork creation and things took off very quickly after artwork pieces were being featured on television.  Visit the shop page to see available pieces or contact me for a custom commission.  Featured in multiple televisions shows, magazine articles, exhibitions ranging from The Hamptons Art Fair to the Miami Art Basel and Formula One Paddock Club.

Artwork pieces created are one of a kind.  The average artwork piece takes ~10 hours per square foot.  In addition, there are over 1,400 Lego pieces in a square foot of artwork.  Due to the time / creation process, I am only able to create about 10 art pieces per year.  I've used over 1.5 million Lego pieces in my artwork creation!

All standard Lego colors
Painted Lego pieces 
OneBrickAtATimeLego Technique
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